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So, what is a cloud OS anyway?

How Apple made WWDC a success without making a big splash | DevOps isn't viable for enterprise? Tell that to IBM

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So, what is a cloud OS anyway?
Everyone seems to have their own definition of what a cloud-based operating system would actually be. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Network Instruments

4 Key Survival Tips for Planning Your Next Big Data Project
Big Data projects slam network performance. This paper offer survival tips to prepare your network before the Big Data projects hit, not after. Learn how to monitor and manage network performance for bandwidth, consistent low latency, scalable storage, processing power and security. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Limelight Networks

Web Site Performance for the Speed of Business
IT organizations must look beyond raw network speed to increase website performance and deliver the superior online user experiences that drive business. Web performance is a multi-layered problem, encompassing reliability, scalability and mobile reach as well as speed. Learn More

How Apple made WWDC a success without making a big splash
Apple's WorldWide Developers Conference was under a lot of pressure to reveal some flashy new products that would convince the chattering naysayers that the company still has its mojo. That didn't happen. Read More

DevOps isn't viable for enterprise? Tell that to IBM
There has been quite a bit of controversy lately over an article in the Wall Street Journal about whether or not DevOps was viable for enterprises. After spending a few days here in Orlando at the IBM Innovate conference, I can tell you that DevOps is very much alive and viable in even the largest enterprises. Read More

9 new iOS 8 features that Android already had
While there was some big news for developers in the WWDC keynote yesterday, like its new programming language Swift and health dashboard Healthkit, some of the announcements were humdrum enough to make you wonder why Apple did not make its keynote shorter. Read More

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Top Reasons for Upgrading to Emulex Gen 5 Fibre Channel HBAs
Did you know that the decision to purchase a Host Bus Adapter (HBA) can actually enable you to do more with less? With Gen 5 Fibre Channel HBAs you can run more virtual machines and applications per server, cut your HBA installation and management time in half to and protect your valuable data assets. Learn more >>

Critical flaw in encryption has been in OpenSSL code for over 15 years
After the Heartbleed vulnerability, more security researchers have turned their attention toward reviewing OpenSSL. Now it's time to patch again, but the most alarming/bizarre part of the story is that one of the critical vulnerabilities in OpenSSL has been gone undetected since December 1998. Read More

Cisco Q1 slump drops Ethernet switch market
Solid results by competitors couldn't offset leader's 7% decline, market's 15% fall Read More

How high-performing IT departments affect their companies' bottom line
Survey confirms tie between high-functioning IT and profitability. Read More

WEBCAST: Ipswitch, Inc

4 Ways Network Monitoring Improves Wireless Networks
Originally deployed as a 'network of convenience', wireless is rapidly evolving into the primary network for more users and many more devices than planned. Join this interactive session to learn the four key drivers for successful review and deployment of wireless networks. Learn More

Intel confronts a big mobile challenge: Native compatibility
Intel has solved the problem of ARM-native incompatibility. But will developers bite? Read More

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 gets new challenger in HP Pro x2 612
The new HP Pro x2 612 "detachable" laptop/tablet combo is 70% laptop, 30% tablet. Read More

'Glasshole' app kicks Google Glass off wireless networks
An artist from Berlin has developed a program that sniffs out nearby Google Glass devices and denies them entry to Wi-Fi networks. Read More

Microsoft boasts favorable Windows numbers at Computex
Computex is a hardware show, but Microsoft was there to promote Windows as a platform. That explains why they glossed over a few items. Read More

Q&A: The state of Android wearables and HTC's dual-lens camera
HTC's Dario Laverde shares his crow's-nest view about why Android Wear is important to consumers and how smart devices will get human-like perception. Read More


15 more weird things in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is growing, and the things are getting weirder by the day.


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2. Intel confronts a big mobile challenge: Native compatibility

3. Microsoft partners "pissed" about pact with Salesforce

4. Verizon threatens to sue Netflix in war of words over video quality

5. Critical flaw in encryption has been in OpenSSL code for over 15 years

6. 11 common phrases and terms that came from obsolete technology

7. TrueCrypt's abrupt demise 'puzzling, bizarre'

8. Juniper wires up WLAN deal with Aruba

9. New OpenSSL vulnerability called not as serious as Heartbleed

10. 9 new iOS features from Apple's WWDC that Android already had

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