Monday, June 09, 2014

CloudPassage adds important security functions to virtualized environments

Most Popular Mobile Apps in 6 Key Industries | Will Apple's Internet of Things vision hurt a beautiful idea?

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CloudPassage adds important security functions to virtualized environments
Borrowing a paradigm from botnets, CloudPassage puts a small agent on virtualized servers so they can accept command-and-control communications to add important security functions. This security automation platform can instantly add firewalls, configuration monitoring, event logging and more to virtual servers that come and go in an elastic compute environment. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Network Instruments

4 Key Survival Tips for Planning Your Next Big Data Project
Big Data projects slam network performance. This paper offer survival tips to prepare your network before the Big Data projects hit, not after. Learn how to monitor and manage network performance for bandwidth, consistent low latency, scalable storage, processing power and security. Learn More

WEBCAST: Dell SecureWorks

What Can Security Leaders Do to Combat Cyber Threats?
Training employees to understand the risk they create for your organization when they don't consider security in their day-to-day activities is a challenge for most IT and IT security organizations. Changing behavior is always difficult, especially when security awareness programs lack a well-defined approach and dedicated resources. I Learn more

Most Popular Mobile Apps in 6 Key Industries
Some industries adopt technology more quickly than others, but even the most careful and slowest-moving industries have bought into the value of mobile apps. Here are the top 10 apps in each of six major industries. Read More

Will Apple's Internet of Things vision hurt a beautiful idea?
With HomeKit, Apple promises easy home automation Read More

WHITE PAPER: Netscout Systems Inc.

Enabling Unified Service Delivery Management With nGeniusONE
Today's IT organizations manage diverse business services comprising a host of applications running on many server farms within the data center. NetScout provides a highly scalable, unified approach to service delivery management that enables efficient, topdown performance management across complex application, server and network tiers. Learn More

Patch Tuesday: Halfway through year, Microsoft security bulletins down 30%
Affected Microsoft software includes Internet Explorer, Windows and Lync Read More

Tech Industry Subscribes to New Revenue Model
All signs point to a bright future for subscriptions. The Internet of Things and wearables mega trends promise to open the floodgates to subscription opportunities. For a case in point, Apple just bought Beats for $3 billion, not so much for the popular Beats headphones, but rather for subscription-based streaming music service. Read More


Backup and Recovery of Oracle EBS on VCE Vblock™ Systems
This solution architecture describes the key features and benefits of backup and recovery in the virtualized Oracle EBS on Vblock Systems with EMC Avamar. Learn More

How to create a budget with simple spreadsheet commands
There are a lot of apps and services that will help you, but getting a rough idea of your finances is incredibly simple using a basic spreadsheet. Read More

How do mobile location services threaten users?
GAO report says rules governing use of location data need to get tougher Read More


15 more weird things in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is growing, and the things are getting weirder by the day.


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