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Need to move to IPv6 highlighted as Microsoft runs out of US address space

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Comcast's latest bad idea turns your Wi-Fi into everybody's Wi-Fi | IT grads get to know GE

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Need to move to IPv6 highlighted as Microsoft runs out of US address space
Microsoft has been forced to start using its global stock of IPv4 addresses to keep its Azure cloud service afloat in the U.S., highlighting the growing importance of making the shift to IP version 6. Read More


Achieve IT Career and IT Project Success with TEKsystems
Whether you are looking to advance your IT career or build your IT team, TEKsystems can help. We provide national, regional and local market expertise to support your career growth and help companies achieve their IT goals. Take your career to the next level and achieve your desired IT project outcomes. Contact TEKsystems today.

: CA Technologies

The Singular Importance of Application Performance
In today's landscape where application performance is everything, it's clear that a new approach is needed — one that assesses network and application performance both in context with each other and in how they impact the business. Learn more!

Comcast's latest bad idea turns your Wi-Fi into everybody's Wi-Fi
Some ideas are just plain bad and when you hear about one of these you have to wonder how and why those responsible ever thought it was good in the first place…which brings me to Comcast's latest "good idea" which transcends bad and moves into "sucks." Read More

IT grads get to know GE
At GE, a global IT recruiting program helps bring new computer science graduates into the company and expose them to different facets of the business.Computer science graduates rotate through four different IT assignments during a two-year program at General Electric. Read More

You won't believe what programming language this Wall Street firm uses
One Wall Street firm found computational success not on the traditional path of enterprise Java, but in an obscure functional programming language called Caml, which offered the perfect tradeoff of concision and readability. Read More

WEBCAST: Aerohive

Understanding the Network Impact of 802.11ac
Watch this webinar recording featuring Forrester Research for an overview of the current 802.11ac technology, a discussion on how high-speed Wi-Fi & application control impacts your network architecture, and take a look at how a proper network strategy can save you 40% or more on your investment. View Now>>

Cisco VNI: Annual internet traffic to grow 20% by 2018
The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) has been around almost as long as this newsletter/blog, and this year's predictions suggest that annual internet traffic will grow more than 20% over the next four years. Not surprisingly, video in general and HD/4K video in particular are responsible, with mobile-to-mobile devices driving much of the growth. Read More

CloudFlare offers free DDoS protection to public interest websites
A project launched by CloudFlare, a provider of website performance and security services, allows organizations engaged in news gathering, civil society and political or artistic speech to use the company's distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection technology for free. Read More

Microsoft strips some Windows 7 users of IE11 patch privileges
Microsoft has quietly stopped serving security updates to Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on consumer and small business Windows 7 PCs unless the customer has successfully applied an April update for the browser. Read More


The Next Generation of Big Data
Learn about IBM's new and expanded Information Management capabilities now delivered in the cloud. Learn More

iPhone 6 rumor rollup for the week ending June 13
The current state of iPhone 6 rumors in the iOSphere is like looking at the laundry detergent shelf in your grocery store and being overwhelmed by all the different choices. Until you realize that, at bottom, all the different detergents use pretty much the same ingredients and yield pretty much the same results. Read More

Meru's new WLAN controller is perfect for SMBs
Controllers for wireless LANs are now available in a dizzying array of implementations: the traditional appliance, distributed into access points (often called "controllerless"), running as software in virtual machines, and even completely resident in the cloud. There are pros and cons to each of these strategies, but the traditional appliance-based controller remains a popular choice among those who want every WLAN element required resident in their shop. Read More

The 12 biggest gaffes by high-tech execs
Late last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted a photo of himself touring a Texas factory that produces Mac Pros. Nothing special, right? Until you looked behind him and spied a pair of iMacs running Windows. Oops. Read More


Network World's 2014 State of the Network survey

Exclusive research from Network World shows that cloud and mobility are gaining in importance.


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