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Microsoft withholds monster IE update from Windows 8.1 dawdlers

Sterling fights Ballmer's $2B deal to buy the LA Clippers | Microsoft keeps Xbox One E3 focus on games

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Microsoft withholds monster IE update from Windows 8.1 dawdlers
Microsoft refused to give Windows 8.1 customers a second reprieve, requiring most to have upgraded their devices to April's Windows 8.1 Update before the firm's Windows Update would serve up a mammoth patch slate on Tuesday. Read More


From Application Development to Digital Service Delivery
This paper, describes how a workload automation solution can eliminate the manual processes developers now use to define batch workflows and communicate them to schedulers Learn More


The Importance of Reputation
Proactive enterprise security involves turning data into actionable information--that's where reputation comes in. Learn More>>

Sterling fights Ballmer's $2B deal to buy the LA Clippers
Steve Ballmer's dream of owning an NBA team became less certain with the announcement by Donald Sterling that he won't support selling the L.A. Clippers to the former Microsoft CEO for $2 billion. Read More

Microsoft keeps Xbox One E3 focus on games
(video) When head of Microsoft's Xbox division Phil Spencer took the stage ahead of E3 and said the company's presentation would be all about games this year, he wasn't kidding. For the next 90 minutes the company showed trailer after trailer of exclusive titles that would come to the Xbox One console over the next year. Read More

Review: Microsoft Office Online vs. Apple iWork for iCloud vs. Google Drive
Over the past few weeks I've regaled you with detailed reviews of the three major online office productivity suites: Microsoft Office Online with Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online; Apple's iWork for iCloud with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iCloud; and Google Drive (aka Google Apps) with Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Which suite is for you? There is no clear winner in this horse race, so your specific needs will dictate that choice. Read More


Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Technical Overview
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is the next generation of Microsoft's information platform, with new features that deliver faster performance, expand capabilities in the cloud, and provide powerful business insights. How SQL Server 2014 incorporates in-memory technology to boost performance in online transactional processing (OLTP) View Now

Outlook Web App goes native on Android
Microsoft on Wednesday released a preview version of Outlook Web App (OWA) for Google's Android, fulfilling a promise made in March.OWA for Android is a "native" app that reprises the in-browser OWA that corporate workers have long used on devices that don't support the full-fledged Outlook client or have that software installed. Read More

How to maximize storage space on your Windows tablet
One of the unfortunate hallmarks of affordable Windows-based tablets is limited storage space. It is not uncommon for low-priced tablets to come with only 32GB or 64GB drives. Read More

A visual history of OS desktop environments
Do you ever look at your computer's screen and think, "How on Earth did we get here?" Windows, Mac, GNOME, KDE and Ubuntu's Unity are all born from a common history of desktop environment design stretching back to the 1960's. Let's take a visual voyage from the very beginning right up to the present, looking at the "1.0" releases – those very first versions – of the Desktop Environments and graphical computing platforms that made the biggest impact. Read More


Meeting the Exploding Demand for New IT Services
In this eBook, explore the top trends driving the New IT for IT Service Management, and how leading organizations are evolving to focus on end-user experience. Learn More

Microsoft Azure service lets IT control identity and access management to select applications
As part of its Azure cloud service, Microsoft yesterday turned on a "preview", as it likes to call it, of a new proxy service for identity and access management (I&AM) that lets IT managers set up a way that users can access selected applications hosted in the internal corporate network or external cloud services. Read More

Bing, algorithms claim United States is doomed in World Cup
World Cup predictions are like noses: almost everyone, it seems, has one. And even the algorithms like Microsoft's Bing are taking the field. Read More

HP assembles 'federation' of Helion cloud providers
Hoping to get a hand from partners, Hewlett-Packard is assembling a network of service providers that will offer hosted services based on the company's Helion software. Read More

How to Clean Up Your IT Resume
The warm weather signals time to open the windows, deep-clean the house and enjoy the sunshine. But don't forget to clear the clutter from your resume while you're at it; even if you're not currently looking for a job, keeping your resume fresh and updated is a must. Here, three experts weigh in on what to keep and what to toss. Read More

Microsoft challenges US warrant to turn over emails held overseas
Microsoft has in a landmark case challenged in U.S. federal court a search warrant for private email communications located in the company's facility in Dublin, Ireland, after a magistrate judge quashed in April its opposition to the warrant. Read More


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