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How consumers are holding back retail tech advances

Beware the next circle of hell: Unpatchable systems | The Internet of Things gets real

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How consumers are holding back retail tech advances
The in-person shopping experience, from finding the right product in the store to trying on clothes in a fitting room to paying a cash register, is far more archaic than it needs to be. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Dell SecureWorks

Advanced Threat Services
This white paper defines advanced threats, reviews the types of techniques advanced threat actors use as they relate to the kill chain, recommends specific steps for an effective defense strategy and defines how Dell SecureWorks services can help organizations detect, defend and eradicate advanced threats. Learn more

WHITE PAPER: Akamai Technologies, Inc.

10 Key Considerations for a Successful Online Video Strategy
As video technology has become more ubiquitous, it has also become more complex. The key considerations in this guide will help you to develop a successful online video strategy with advice to deliver high-quality video, scale instantly, and ensure real-time optimizations specific to each device, operating system and user connection. Learn More

Beware the next circle of hell: Unpatchable systems
Insecure by design and trusted by default, embedded systems present security concerns that could prove crippling. Read More

The Internet of Things gets real
A year ago, people were mostly talking about the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) — what companies and government entities might do in the future to take advantage of this widespread network of connected objects. Read More

Nutanix NX-3000 review: Virtualization cloud-style
Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform brings resilient, cloud-like server and storage infrastructure to traditional virtualization deployments. Read More


Isn't it time to take a fresh look to Wi-Fi scalability?
Date: Thursday, June 26, 2014, 2:00 PM EDT It isn't news that wireless networks are being pushed to the limits every day and IT organizations are under duress to deliver a reliable wireless network to meet the demands of users. Learn more!

Google admits it's got work to do to achieve a diverse workforce
Google executives say they're not satisfied that the company's workforce is largely made up of white males. Read More

Tech pros need to learn the art of brevity
A communication expert -- author of the new book "Brief" -- says you'll have a bigger impact by saying less. But it requires preparation. Read More

Microsoft reportedly working on a smartwatch of its own
While the iWatch at this point remains nothing more than a rumor, other companies aren't sitting by idly and watching what Apple may or may not do. Not only is Samsung on its second iteration of a smartwatch, but now comes word via Forbes that Microsoft is also planning to jump into the wearables market. Read More

WHITE PAPER: APC by Schneider Electric

Infrastructure Management Software Improves Planning & Costs
This paper demonstrates, through a series of examples, how data center infrastructure management software tools can simplify operational processes, cut costs, and speed up information delivery. View more

Security researcher warns cars can be hacked to remotely take control
Imagine a job where you go into work, sit down at your desk, boot up your machine and then launch a cyberattack on a car while it is being driven on the other side of the globe. While that might sound like a movie plot, security research engineer Jonathan Brossard says it's possible. Read More

What's really behind the Microsoft-Salesforce deal
At first glance, it doesn't seem like there are many ways and Microsoft should partner: They both offer competing SaaS services. But upon closer inspection, the deal that the leaders of these two companies spoke so highly of during a joint conference call on Thursday afternoon makes a lot of sense not just for these companies, but customers as well. Read More

Windows 7 powers more than half of all PCs
As Windows XP continued its decline, users who deserted the obsolete operating system shifted to Windows 7, not the newer Windows 8, more circumstantial evidence that commercial customers, not consumers, now drive PC sales. Read More


10 biggest CEO pay raises

Which tech leaders received the most generous pay hikes in 2013?


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