Monday, July 13, 2015

OpenText Output Accessibility Solution Brief

OpenText Output Accessibility Solution Brief | KISSME: Keep IT Security Simple, Manageable & Effective

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OpenText Output Accessibility Solution Brief
The online and document accessibility needs of those who have limited or no vision is an increasingly prevalent issue today. Governments worldwide, including US, Canada and Europe, have passed legislation demanding online and document accessibility for the public sector, with private sector enforcement not far on the horizon. Learn More.

WHITE PAPER: Bitdefender
KISSME: Keep IT Security Simple, Manageable & Effective
Download this Tech Dossier to understand what IT organizations are doing wrong, and how they can best address IT security across the enterprise. Learn More

Scaling Okta to 10 Billion Users
Cloud-based applications need to be secure and Okta is an identity network and platform that allows you to safely scale these tools overtime. Read this white paper to learn how you can prepare for growth and cloud identity management. View now

WHITE PAPER: PC Connection
5 Steps to Help Defend Your Network
The Cisco ONE Enterprise Networks Architecture can provide the necessary levels of application intelligence, contextual information, visibility and automated control to enable the network to be the foundation for companies today as well as in the future. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems
Consolidate your Secure Remote Access
This white paper explores the evolution of secure remote access requirements, focusing on the impact of user mobility and the growing adoption of BYOD practices. Learn more about how you can unify your web, client/server, and cloud/SaaS applications into a single gateway solution for a better IT and end-user experience. Learn More

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