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10 top sites to find legit work-from-home jobs

Config error at Boston-area hosting company takes down Reddit, others | Office 365 vs. Google for Work: A cloud comparison for small businesses

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10 top sites to find legit work-from-home jobs
The traditional 9-to-5 office has become an abstract concept in today's age of mobile computing and cloud-based services. Workers can now log on and work from virtually anywhere at any time. In the past, finding legitimate work-from-home jobs wasn't easy. But today, thanks to the same technology that has made remote work possible, you can find a number of sites that curate legitimate telecommuting positions. Read More


7 Reasons You Need Predictive Analytics Today
Learn why advanced analytics tools are essential to sustain a competitive advantage. Learn More


Superior Group case study
Superior Group contracted with IBM Business Partner Avnet, Inc. to host a responsive web design solution built on IBM Web Content Manager software.The solution streamlines creation of nine mobile-ready websites, saving nearly USD180,000 in deployment costs and putting control of content creation and publishing in the business staff's hands. Learn More>>

Config error at Boston-area hosting company takes down Reddit, others
A Boston-area hosting provider briefly knocked several large services and websites dependent on Amazon and AWS offline on Tuesday night, thanks to a configuration error. Somerville, Mass-based Axcelx said in a tweet that the problem was caused by a route leak, which is an issue that can cause a small service provider to advertise itself as a different and much, much larger one, attempting to route huge amounts of traffic across its routers and generally causing the traffic in question to grind to a halt. Read More

Office 365 vs. Google for Work: A cloud comparison for small businesses
Microsoft and Google offer low-cost cloud tools for small- and medium-size businesses, but each of their offerings has unique strengths and weaknesses. Here's a high-level comparison of Office 365 and Google for Work, specifically for smaller businesses. Read More

A look at California's effort to build an H-1B firewall
California lawmakers are considering a bill that would make it difficult for state-regulated utilities to replace U.S. workers with H-1B workers. It may be one of the most significant anti-offshoring measures in years. Read More


Gaining Clarity from the Chaos of Cloud Adoption
While enterprises recognize the risks and consequences of the phenomenon known as 'Shadow IT,' few have the ability to identify and reign in employee use of non-sanctioned, cloud-related services that could lead to potential liabilities and security issues. Learn More

Securing the 'Net – at what price?
Is it possible to secure the Internet? And if so, what would it cost? According to Jim Manico, a global board member of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Foundation, it is. And he suggested a price of $4 billion, Read More

A mobile toolkit for the road
Summer is full swing, which means millions of Americans will be cashing in their vacation days and enjoying time away from the office. But for those road warriors who can't disconnect entirely, we've augmented our road warrior's essential mobile toolkit with some of this summer's best options to stay connected, protected, and productive no matter how far you roam. Read More

Attracting millennials starts with digital tech
The ways millennials use technology are changing how companies brand themselves to attract young talent. However, according to a new study from the CMO Council and Executive Networks, most marketing and HR leaders don't have brand strategies that align with millennial preferences. Read More


Rutgers Business School Taps the Cloud for I.T. Team Support
By leveraging cloud services, the burgeoning school can deliver rapid virtualization and easy single sign-on without cutting corners. View Now

Chicago taxes cloud and streaming services
The City of Chicago has implemented sweeping new tax regulations that target the use of streaming and cloud computing services, the law firm ReedSmith says. Read More

From CoreOS to Nano: Micro OSes strip down for containers
There's an all-out war going on to see which OS will be crowned king of the cloud. And guess what? None of the traditional operating systems is going to win. (Insider Story) Read More

Microsoft streamlines hybrid cloud operations with new tools
Workloads moved to the cloud must be managed properly, so Microsoft has released new tools to help system administrators bridge their in-house data centers with Azure services. Read More

Skype for Business preview adds support for massive meetings, cloud-based phone administration
Businesses that use Microsoft's Skype for Business communication product have some new beta features to play with that make the enterprise messaging and calling product more useful. Read More

Kyvos serves up Hadoop on cubes
What good is big data if you don't have the proper tools to make sense of it? A startup, Kyvos Insights, can transform terabytes of information stored on Hadoop clusters into easy-to-parse data cubes, the format business analysts prefer. Read More


7 command line tools for monitoring your Linux system

Here is a selection of basic command line tools that will make your exploration and optimization in Linux easier.


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