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Microsoft pulls back from phone business, announces 7,800 layoffs

iPhone sales are about to explode | Apple Watch sales down 90% from opening week, report says

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Microsoft pulls back from phone business, announces 7,800 layoffs
Microsoft is scaling down its mobile phone activities, writing off the entire value of the former Nokia smartphone business it bought last year and laying off almost one-third of that business' staff.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

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Gigabit Speed Wireless Networks with 802.11ac
With the development of 802.11ac, WLANs surpass the gigabit speed barrier. Watch this webinar recording featuring author of "802.11ac: A Survival Guide" (O'Reily), Matthew Gast, for a discussion on 802.11ac and why it's posed to become the 802.11 standard of choice and how to incorporate it into your network plans. View now>>


How to Adapt to the Next-Generation Data Center
With the end of support for Windows Server 2003 Release 2, how should organizations plan for the next-generation data center? Hear from one expert on how to get started toward an adaptive infrastructure. Learn More

iPhone sales are about to explode
It's a song and dance that's become somewhat of a routine: just as analysts believe iPhone sales are on the verge of peaking, new evidence suggests that the iPhone is about to become more popular than ever. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Apple Watch sales down 90% from opening week, report says
Since its first week on the market, during which Apple sold about 1.5 million Apple Watches, the company has seen a 90% decline in sales of its smartwatch, according to a MarketWatch article on data collected by Slice Intelligence.On a daily basis, Apple is now selling fewer than 20,000 Apple Watch units, and occasionally fewer than 10,000, according to the report. That's down from an estimated 200,000 sales per day in the first week the device was on the market.Slice, which often releases data on estimated sales of Apple products, also says that the lower-cost (starting at $349) Sport model has accounted for about two-thirds of Apple Watch sales. To date, Apple has sold fewer than 2,000 units of its gold, Edition model Apple Watch, which are priced at $10,000 and higher, according to the report.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Can the Internet of Things improve your jump shot? These apps are trying
This time of year, the biggest news in basketball is which multimillionaire baller is moving to what city for how big a pile of cash. But the real money may not be in the star players, but in using technology, specifically the Internet of Things (IoT), to improve the games of millions of young players and aging weekend warriors. And how well that technology works provides a useful yardstick for measuring the progress of the IoT.As a confirmed member of that second group, I've long been interested in finding technology that could give me an edge in my weekly sessions of flinging three-pointers from the corner. So far, I've come across a trio of approaches to doing just that, and together they collectively illustrate the potential—and the current reality—of the Internet of Things' ability to really change our lives.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

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Acer: Proven Solutions for Professional Demands
Whether your workforce requires high-tech mobility, powerful desktops to streamline efficiency, reliable technology available 24 x 7, or competent tools for viewing and projecting, you'll find your solution in Acer notebooks, desktops, servers, monitors, and projectors. Acer provides solutions for you. Learn more.

Apple Watch's nose-dive predictions suggest Apple needs a new way to innovate
Slice Intelligence's Apple Watch estimates confirm that Apple needs a different narrative for innovation in new product categories. The company's Wizard of Oz –like assertion that it knows everything that consumers might ever want hamstrings its ability to introduce an Apple version of an evolving product category that's not perfect.Business Insider and MarketWatch have both announced the death of the Apple Watch, with data from Slice Intelligence pointing to a 90% decline in Apple Watch sales since the device's opening week on the market. It might just be a bad case of schadenfreude due to the ingestion of bad data. Literally translated from German, schadenfreude means damaging joy, but often is interpreted to mean evil glee. Apple, the most valuable brand, is under a microscope because of its success compounded by persuasive marketing. Now that a marketing survey may indicate a drop in Apple Watch sales, many observers are rejoicing with evil glee that the hugely successful company might fail. But the shipment data hasn't been verified by Apple, and no one knows the company's expectations for Apple Watch sales over the entirety of its debut year.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

IEEE group recommends random MAC addresses for Wi-Fi security
According to new recommendations by an IEEE study group, the Wi-Fi protocol needs to be updated to use randomly generated addresses for better security and privacy.Today, the 802.11 Wi-Fi standards are designed so that each mobile device gets its own, unique media access control (MAC) address -- which allows spies, criminals, and advertisers to track mobile users."Because of the uniqueness of the identifier and the fact that they're not encrypted, you can easily make a connection between the identifier and the user," said Juan Carlos Zuniga, principal engineer at InterDigital and chair of the IEEE 802 Privacy Executive Committee Study Group.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

How to find cellular access when traveling (without international roaming)
My wife, two kids, and I just took a three-day trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, from our home in Seattle. Joining us were three laptops, two iPod touches, three Kindles, and two iPhones. We remembered to bring clothes and sunscreen, too.Traveling to Canada is just like going to another country—they have different currency and units of measurement, they spell “center” as “centre,” and they have different telecommunications companies. The variety of potato chips almost makes up for it.MORE: 10 mobile startups to watch Before we left, I did my usual research into how we’d keep online. We knew the Airbnb rental to which we were going had Wi-Fi, and I assumed that the profusion of free Internet service I was used to in the States would be as abundant. We were staying near Stanley Park, and there are hundreds of shops, grocery stores, and restaurants within a few blocks.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems

A Powerful Defense Against Denial of Service Attacks
This white paper examines the current DoS landscape and discusses common approaches for dealing with the modern DoS threat. It explains how the Citrix NetScaler application delivery controller (ADC) provides a robust yet highly affordable foundation for an organization's DoS defenses. Learn more >>

Cisco leading another IoT standards group
Cisco has been named a founding member and director of yet anotherInternet of Things standards group to help promote and encourage use of networked machines.The Wireless IoT Forum, formed in March, is the fifth IoT standards body formed in the last 18 months and the second co-founded by Cisco in that timeframe. In March 2014, Cisco helped found the Industrial Internet Consortium with GE, IBM and Intel, and three others have emerged: the Linux Foundation’s AllSeen Alliance in 2013; Thread, started by Samsung and Google for wireless mesh IoT; and the Open Interconnect Consortium launched by Intel, Samsung and Broadcom a year ago.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

What is Second Wave Wi-Fi?
The second wave of 802.11ac is coming ashore and the new MU-MIMO technology (Multi-User, Multiple Input Multiple Output) is going to make a splash. It’s one of the biggest improvements to Wi-Fi we’ve seen to date with the potential to greatly increase wireless network throughput and make a huge difference in dense, high capacity networks.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More

6 affordable Android phones you'll actually enjoy using
Looking for a decent unlocked smartphone that doesn't cost too much? You'd be surprised what you can find. Read More

NASA's cool, radical and visionary concepts
From satellite swarms to interstellar subs NASA is advancing transformative aerospace projects. Read More


12 fun, free summer classes for techies

MOOCs from EdX, Coursera and newcomer Kadenze tackle superheroes, science of cooking, alien worlds and more.


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