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8 free apps that pump up Google Drive

  Replace your NAS with cloud storage: the 8 key requirements | BitTorrent teams with Onehub for 'hybrid' enterprise file-sharing service

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8 free apps that pump up Google Drive
Drive, baby, DriveGoogle Drive may seem like a simple storage service, but don't be fooled: With the right set of add-ons, it can serve as a powerful hub for cloud-based productivity.Google has quietly been allowing third-party apps to connect with Drive for a while now. The apps add various features to the Drive interface, ranging from advanced file management tools to utilities that let you edit things beyond basic documents and spreadsheets.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

: Peak 10

eGuide: Hybrid IT
In this eGuide, Computerworld examines how hybrid IT decisions should be made and what the future might hold for this technology. Read on to learn how hybrid IT can help your organization. Learn More

WEBCAST: Everbridge

An Insider's View on Cyberattack Planning and Response
According to the Ponemon Institute, data breaches cost U.S. organizations, on average, $5.4 million per incident. Join cybersecurity expert Terry A. Stevenson, CEO/CISO at GlobalNSA, and Imad Mouline, CTO at Everbridge, as they present strategies to ensure business continuity in the aftermath of a data breach. View now

Replace your NAS with cloud storage: the 8 key requirements
This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach.The economics, scale, and manageability of cloud storage simply cannot be matched even by the largest enterprise datacenters.Hyperscale cloud storage providers like AWS, Google and Azure dropped prices by up to 65% last year and promised a Moore's Law pricing model going forward. AWS provides eleven 9's of durability, meaning if you store 10,000 objects with Amazon S3, you can, on average, expect to incur a loss of a single object once every 10,000,000 years. Further, Amazon S3 is designed to sustain the concurrent loss of data in two facilities by storing objects on multiple devices across multiple facilities.  To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

BitTorrent teams with Onehub for 'hybrid' enterprise file-sharing service
BitTorrent has long billed its Sync file-sharing service as a peer-to-peer alternative to cloud storage, but on Wednesday the company announced it's working with Onehub on a new, combined offering for large businesses.Onehub Sync integrates BitTorrent Sync into Onehub's online file-storage service through what the two companies call a hybrid, peer-to-peer+one approach. The result combines the benefits of syncing directly between peers with using Onehub as a "persistent peer" that's always available in the cloud.BitTorrent's Sync service requires at least two peer computers to be connected in order for file-sharing to occur. With Onehub Sync, the cloud part of the equation means that users' Onehub Sync clients will always have a peer to connect with, ensuring that their content can stay current.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

WEBCAST: Alcatel-Lucent

The Three Industry Trends Changing Enterprise IT
This webinar will look at how CIOs can leverage three intersecting trends – cloud, new technologies, and web-scale IT – to help their companies respond rapidly to new business opportunities. Learn More

UK High Court gives government nine months to rewrite data retention law
Stop-gap legislation that allowed the British government to continue ordering telecom and Internet companies to retain communications data for 12 months is unlawful, the U.K.'s high court ruled on Friday.The ruling sets an example for other European Union countries looking to introduce new data retention laws following a European court ruling last year.Many E.U. member states scrapped laws based on the E.U. Data Retention Directive demanding the storage of telecom and Internet metadata after an April 2014 ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) found that the directive violated fundamental privacy rights. Since then, though, many governments have moved to introduce new data retention laws that would provide law enforcers with continued access to communications data without, they say, violating fundamental rights.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

U2 tours with all-flash array to rock latest video effects
Irish rockers U2 are continuing to innovate in their use of video on the current Innocence + Experience tour, and behind the scenes is some extremely high-performance, all-flash technology.Video show director Stefaan "Smasher" Desmedt is using an all-flash configuration of a ruggedized EMC VNXe3200 to help run the spectacle, pulling new video projects and archived footage to show on massive specialized displays that hang overhead. He also incorporates live video as it's being captured for display on the conventional giant screens that are commonly seen in arenas.The visual centerpiece of the show is an eye-catching tunnel suspended above the catwalk that extends from the main stage, the walls of which are two semi-transparent LED video screens that are 29 meters wide and 7 meters tall. Each screen uses 240 individual V-Thru panels from Saco Technologies. A walkway runs in between the screens, and during parts of the show such as the song "Cedarwood Road," lead singer Bono climbs up into the assembly and appears to interact with the video and graphics projected on the screens.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

WHITE PAPER: F5 Networks
Protecting Against Online Banking Fraud
The F5 Web Fraud Protection solution provides both the breadth and depth of coverage financial services organizations need to gain a full defense against asset loss due to fraud. Learn more about how these services give organizations a full defense to keep their business, their brand, and their users secure from the threat of fraud. Learn more >>

IDG Contributor Network: Google becomes an OpenStack sponsor. What is happening in this world?
Google is today announcing that it is signing up to be a corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation. The OpenStack Foundation is, as the name implies, the governance body for the open-source OpenStack cloud operating system. OpenStack, founded a handful of years ago by Rackspace and NASA, has seen some pretty massive industry support - HP, IBM, and Cisco are three examples of high-profile backers. Add to this mix a massive amount of investment in OpenStack companies and you have a vibrant community. Of course, in recent months some of that vibrancy has abated as significant consolidation has occurred in the OpenStack space - IBM acquired Blue Box, Cisco acquired Piston Cloud and Metacloud, EMC acquired CloudScaling. In the community that once boasted (whether wisely or not is another matter) of its plethora of participants, the number of independents has suddenly dwindled.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

How phone companies drive people crazy
Every journalist has experienced this type of phone call, as have librarians, police dispatchers and I presume those in a number of other public-facing professions. Read More



Best handheld Wi-Fi test tools

Here, we review four hardware-based products that you can throw in a laptop bag and carry around with you.


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