Tuesday, September 02, 2014

PC vendors fear an Osborne Effect from Windows 9

This iPhone 6 leak video is just perfect | IDG Contributor Network: Want Gigabit Internet? A fistful of cities can now give it to you

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PC vendors fear an Osborne Effect from Windows 9
Manufacturers threaten to slow down production in the gap between Windows 7 and 9. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Instart Logic

Overcome Web Performance Obstacles for SaaS Applications
Learn about the technology that powers and speeds up the web experiences of hundreds of thousands of enterprise SaaS application users, over Instart Logic's innovative global network. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Instart Logic

A New, Better Approach for Web Experiences across Devices
For media and entertainment companies intent on delivering high definition web experiences across all devices, web performance can make or break their engagement levels. Learn more>>

This iPhone 6 leak video is just perfect
Of all the iPhone 6 leaks, we think this one is worth paying attention to Read More

IDG Contributor Network: Want Gigabit Internet? A fistful of cities can now give it to you
Gigabit Internet is the Holy Grail for residential Internet users right now. If you're wondering where to get your hands on it for the upcoming fall entertainment season, here's where you need to go. Read More

iPhone 6 buzz resurrects NFC hype once again
Like clockwork, speculation surrounding an impending iPhone announcement has breathed fresh air into hype for near field communication. Read More

WEBCAST: Xirrus/Cisco/Aerohive/Extreme Networks/Motorola

How Location-Based Services Can Help Your Business
Jason Rolleston from Cisco and Mike Leibovitz of Extreme Networks join Robin in exploring how location-based services can add value to your enterprise with real business examples. The discussion then moves to address privacy concerns and how to design a Wi-Fi network for location-based services. Learn more

The Linux Desktop-a-week Review: elementary OS's Pantheon
I spent a week running elementary OS's Pantheon. Read More

Gigamon brings visibility to VMware's NSX
One of the announcements that flew under the radar was Gigamon's collaboration with VMware to deliver better visibility into NSX environments. Read More

Hate Windows 8? Windows 9 to be free or not to be free, that is the question
Here's a roundup of rumors about the upcoming release of Windows Threshold technical previews for users and enterprise as well as leaked details of what to expect in Windows 9...and varying sources arguing whether it will be "free" or $20 to upgrade. Read More

: McAfee

Needle in a Datastack Report
The volume of security-related data today can make identifying a threat like looking for a needle in a haystack. Yet collecting more data also plays a transformational role in information security. Organizations need to learn how to harness and sift through this wealth of information to protect themselves from the threats they face every day. Learn more >>

Available spectrum could double with self-interference canceling algorithms
Transmitting and receiving on the same frequency, at the same time, is something previously unattainable. However, if one company's new self-interference cancellation algorithm works as intended, full duplex may be just around the corner. Read More

It's time for the Internet of Things to get serious
The Internet of Things is a really, really big deal; so why do all the demos seem so trivial? Read More

Fix found for Microsoft's Surface 3 overheating issues
Users help Microsoft track down why the Surface 3 tablet would overheat and make a lot of noise. Read More

IDG Contributor Network: Interested in IT security? Insurance companies hope so!
Cybercrime breaks into the top ten threats for corporations today. Read More

Facebook Hyperlapse: Your friends' videos, but better
Hyperlapse merges image stabilization and fast forward to automatically compress mobile videos into short stories, sidestepping Facebook video fatigue. Read More


12 oddball odes to open-source

Hey, I just met you / and this is crazy / but here's my pub key / so msg me maybe.


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