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About Wireless/Networking: Is Your Internet Retarded?

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From Bradley Mitchell, your Guide to Wireless/Networking

We've received a bunch of reader submissions on our survey question How Much Does Your Internet Cost? ... and the results show just how wide a range of speeds and reliability there is in the world. You wouldn't think Canada to be a place vying for the world's worst Internet, but at least one person below has nominated it.

Canadian Reader Not Happy with their "Retard Internet"
"I pay 50$ a month and get 2.5kbs a second all day, if it is not down, and at night it can maybe get to 30kbs if lucky. And I see people complain about 2 Mbps - I wish I had 0.5 Mbps." -Fattay

Can't Connect to the Internet?

Some might say even a very slow Net connection is better than a broken one. If you find yourself suddenly unable to get online one day, try these tips to fix it.

Reasons Why Wi-Fi Network Connections Drop

Of all the kinds of network connection failures, Wi-Fi connection drops are especially frustrating. It's also more common than you might think. Here's some more insight into what's going on.

Introduction to Home Network Backups
A home network backup system maintains copies of your personal electronic data files in case of computer failures, theft or disasters. You can manage your own home network backups or choose to use an online service. Considering the impact of possibly losing irreplaceable family photos and documents, the time and money you spend on network backups is almost certainly a worthwhile investment.
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