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17 coolest iPhone 6, Apple Watch announcements

How to get $100,000 worth of Google's cloud for free | The $3 billion missing element from Apple's big reveal

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17 coolest iPhone 6, Apple Watch announcements
Here you'll find a detailed recap of some of the cooler and most important new products and services Apple announced yesterday. Read More


Overcoming Visibility Deficits in Virtualized Environments
With up to 80% of data center traffic traveling between virtualized servers, end-to-end visibility is a major concern. This paper provides an overview of virtualized data center blind spots and offers a solution to overcome them. View now

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A New Opportunity for Capacity Planners
Mainframe software costs are the cost driver in many company's IT budgets and as such an increasing concern. We will describe the difficulty of managing an increasingly complex environment with limited data and small staffs and offer a methodology to safely and sanely identify achievable cost reductions. Learn More

How to get $100,000 worth of Google's cloud for free
Google is offering $100,000 worth of use of its cloud platform for free, if you're a startup. Read More

The $3 billion missing element from Apple's big reveal
Amidst the giant iPhones, flashy mobile payments scheme, and controversial Apple Watch, one thing stood out by its absence. Read More

Windows 9 to users: I'm listening
The Windows 9 public preview coming at the end of the month is going to ask for feedback almost to the point of annoyance. Read More

The many looks of the Apple Watch
Apple's new smart watch is highly customizable. Here's a look at the possible adaptations available to customers. Read More


Using Continuous Delivery to Improve Software Delivery
Learn more about the challenges impacting organizations and how continuous delivery processes can be a key success factor in accelerating software delivery. Learn More

How the Terminal makes Ubuntu Touch worth using
One YouTube video showing the Ubuntu Touch Terminal app in action changed my mind about the mobile OS. Read More

iPhone 6, Apple Watch features: Android's been there, done that
For those familiar with the Android ecosystem, few of the new features Apple announced today were actually new. Read More

Anti-surveillance device kicks drones, phones and Glassholes from Wi-Fi networks
If you are seriously opposed to drones or Google Glass, and would like a countermeasure option available, then you might be interested in Cyborg Unplug. Read More

How the Apple Watch could create a new mainstream market
Could the Apple Watch help turn the health and fitness wearable market into a mainstream market? Read More

WHITE PAPER: Citrix Systems

Build a cloud with best-in-class security and app delivery
This guide explores two solutions that organizations use to build a network for today's evolving enterprise and how you can fully address cloud requirements for secure application delivery. Read now for this vital information on cloud networking! Read now

If there's Internet in hell, there will be no net neutrality
If there's Internet in hell, there will be no net neutrality and an infinite wait for the screen to load will be the default. Read More

Apple eliminates 32 GB iPhone models from new product lineup
Apple's new iPhone 6 lineup has no 32GB option Read More

Pale Moon is not living up to its billing as a better Firefox
The project is supposed to speed up the browser. Instead, it's slowing it down. Read More

Devices featuring Intel's 'always listening' chips to start selling in October
If you ever wanted to interact with your PC, in hands-free Star Trek intelligent-personal-assistant sort of way, then you might not be creeped out by devices featuring Intel Core M chips that are 'always listening' for voice commands. The chips will be devices and available for purchase this holiday season. Read More

The Linux desktop-a-week review: ratpoison
I spent a week running ratpoison and I lived to tell the tale...barely. Read More

The Hybrid WAN requires a new approach to network optimization
Now that the WAN is finally evolving, I think it's time to take a look at the infrastructure that's used to optimize it. Read More


7 sexy smartphone technologies coming your way

A slew of new technological features are (or could be) coming to future smartphones. Here are seven that have been in the news over the last few years.


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1. Windows 9 to users: I'm listening

2. Five million Gmail addresses and passwords dumped online

3. Internet of Overwhelming Things

4. What online news looked like on 9/11

5. Man arrested on drug charges after butt-dialing 911

6. The Linux desktop-a-week review: ratpoison

7. iPhone 6, Apple Watch features: Android's been there, done that

8. 5 questions to ask before you take a tech job

9. Last-minute iPhone 6 rumors: Release date, water proof, shatter proof and more

10. First Look: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

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