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About Wireless/Networking: A Look at Some Popular Articles

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From Bradley Mitchell, your Guide to Wireless/Networking

Here's a look at just a few our popular articles on wireless and networking topics. You'll find many, many more by following these links and browsing across our site.

Introduction to Client-Server Networks

The term client-server refers to a popular model for computer networking that utilizes client and server devices each designed for specific purposes. The client-server model can be used on the Internet as well as local area networks (LANs).

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Introduction to Network File Sharing in Microsoft Windows
Each major version of the Windows operating system released during the past 15 years has incorporated some different and improved features for sharing files between computers over a network. While the newer features are powerful, they can’t always be used when sharing with devices running older versions of Windows (or non-Windows devices).

Coping with Wi-Fi Addiction - A How To Guide

A person can become addicted to using Wi-Fi and wireless Internet the same as to physical substances or other bad behaviors. Use this guide to learn more about Wi-Fi addition and its possible treatments.

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Tips for Troubleshooting Windows File and Printer Sharing
This checklist describes typical issues encountered when setting up peer-to-peer file sharing on a Microsoft Windows network. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot and resolve these Windows file sharing problems. Many items in the checklist are especially crucial on networks that run multiple versions or flavors of Windows.

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