Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Taking Networks Hostage

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Taking Networks Hostage

Having survived April Fools' Day,you wouldn't have thought that a story about police station networks being held hostage for cyber ransom could be serious. But, it is.

How to Check the Network Connection Status of Wireless Devices
Wireless devices have a reputation for failing to connect at the worst possible time. Do you know how to check their connection status? Various methods for doing this are possible depending on the type of device involved.
Is 5 GHz Wi-Fi Better than 2.4 GHz?

Wireless network equipment typically uses radio signals in either a 2.4 GHz range or a 5 GHz range. These numbers are advertised prominently on product packaging, but their meaning is often misunderstood. Is 5 GHz network hardware better than 2.4 GHz hardware just because it carries a bigger number?

Where's the Best Place for Your Wireless Router?

The performance of a Wi-Fi home network greatly depends on signal strength of the wireless router  (or wireless access point, base station). Do you know where to place your router to get the best results?

A Guide to Wireless Network Protocols

 eople sometimes refer to wireless networking as “Wi-Fi” even when the network uses a totally unrelated kind of wireless technology. While it might seem ideal that all of the world’s wireless devices should use one common network protocol such as Wi-Fi, today’s networks support a wide variety of different protocols instead.

Predicting the Future of Computer Networks and the Internet
Debunking Myths About Computer Networks
LAN - Local Area Network
How to Speed Up Your Phone's Internet and Network Connections
Tips for Maintaining a Home Wi-Fi Network
How to Network a Printer
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