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Google, Microsoft and Amazon: Who’s got the best cloud for big data?

New Office 365 features appease the cloud-wary | Cranking up Google Apps for Work, using an actual key

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Google, Microsoft and Amazon: Who's got the best cloud for big data?
The big three vendors of the cloud IaaS market – Amazon, Microsoft and Google – used to spat over price cuts, but now they've graduated to trading barbs on their features. Read More


The road to hybrid starts with private cloud.
Cloud was built to make businesses and governments better, easier, faster. And now it does. HP Helion is the cloud portfolio that delivers on its promise. Maintaining control, protecting sensitive information, and brokering multiple clouds all starts with an open, agile private cloud. That's why we're #1 in private cloud solutions, again.* Learn about our promise at *Source: Synergy Research Group. © Copyright 2015 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

WEBCAST: Demandware

The Future of Commerce and Cloud
In this On Demand Webcast, Join investor Michael Skok and Michael Hines of Nine West Holdings as they discuss cloud computing and examine the challenges retailers are conquering and benefits they are seeing. Learn More

New Office 365 features appease the cloud-wary
To overcome emotional barriers to cloud computing, cloud providers often give customers complete control over their data, including encryption keys. Microsoft has been unveiling features in that vein for Azure, and yesterday, the company took a few more steps in that direction with Office 365. Read More

Cranking up Google Apps for Work, using an actual key
Security experts almost universally despise the use of the password as almost the only form of end-user authentication, but there simply aren't that many alternatives. Google, however, is dipping its toes into this particular pool with an announcement that admins can provide employees with physical security keys with Google Apps for Work, managing access and tracking usage from a centralized security console. Read More

SDN start-up stitches together clouds
A software-defined networking start-up has emerged from stealth mode proposing accelerated deployment of applications and services spanning private, public or hybrid clouds. Read More


The Future of IT: From Chaos to Service Automation
Learn how innovative CIOs are automating IT services and shifting focus from cost to agility and growth across the enterprise. Read Now

Box wants to be a platform for easy-to-write enterprise apps
A developer edition of Box will allow enterprises to build applications on top of the company's content collaboration and sharing capabilities without using the Box user interface or requiring users to have a Box account. Read More

EMC Syncplicity lets enterprises manage their own encryption keys
Some enterprises that are happy to put their data in a public cloud prefer to keep the keys to that data under their own control. That's the message online file sync and sharing services are sending lately. Read More

Cisco's cloudy knowledge
Cisco this week unveiled a cloud-based service providing organizations with real-time access to knowledge, collaboration and continuous learning. Cisco Collaborative Knowledge is a software-as-a-service offering designed to help Cisco customers access experts and information in real time for training, updating skills, and collaborative learning on projects. Read More


Webcast - Cloud as a growth engine for business.
IBM and our business partners invite you to join us for a demonstration and interactive discussion about how you can benefit from moving your digital presence to the cloud and quickly deliver new innovative services — both internally and externally. Learn More>>

Microsoft moves to address customers' concerns about cloud control and transparency
Microsoft is working on new features for its Office 365 cloud service designed to give customers more control over their data and more visibility into how it's being accessed. Read More

Google, Apple, Amazon spend record amounts on lobbying
Google, Apple and spent record amounts in the first quarter attempting to influence U.S. politicians and policy. Read More

Chipmakers lay groudwork for faster and smarter data center switches
Broadcom and Freescale Semiconductor have announced switching platforms that promise to improve the performance of network virtualization and make the underlying technologies more widely available. Read More


Spaced out tech auction: 8 vintage space items go on the block

Incredible space memorabilia that will make you geek out!


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