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Hilarious random startup website generator is pretty darn realistic

9 tips for speeding up your business Wi-Fi | Everest avalanche kills privacy-focused Google engineer Dan Fredinburg

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Hilarious random startup website generator is pretty darn realistic
A pair of Georgia Tech computer science students have created a Random Startup Website Generator that spits out a different jargon-laden startup website every time you click on the URL. Read More

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Gigabit Speed Wireless Networks with 802.11ac
With the development of 802.11ac, WLANs surpass the gigabit speed barrier. Watch this webinar recording featuring author of "802.11ac: A Survival Guide" (O'Reily), Matthew Gast, for a discussion on 802.11ac and why it's posed to become the 802.11 standard of choice and how to incorporate it into your network plans. View now>>

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Understanding the Network Impact of 802.11ac
Watch this webinar recording featuring Forrester Research for an overview of the current 802.11ac technology, a discussion on how high-speed Wi-Fi & application control impacts your network architecture, and take a look at how a proper network strategy can save you 40% or more on your investment. View Now>>

9 tips for speeding up your business Wi-Fi
Is your company's lethargic Wi-Fi making users scream? Try these techniques for a zippier network. Read More

Everest avalanche kills privacy-focused Google engineer Dan Fredinburg
Dan Fredinburg, an engineer who worked on many of Google's most exciting projects during his 8 years with the company, died over the weekend in an avalanche on Mount Everest triggered by Nepal's devastating earthquake.Fredinburg, who listed his title as Google Adventurer on his LinkedIn profile, died from a major head injury, according to a post by his sister Megan on Instagram in which she said "his soul and spirit will live on in so many of us."The 33-year-old Google engineer had been documenting his Mount Everest Climb on Twitter and Instagram.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

How your smartphone use could affect your credit
For prospective borrowers who have no credit history, a common problem for immigrants whose credit starts anew when they move to the U.S., economists and startups are using metadata from smartphones to see how reliable a borrower is in other areas of their lives to help determine their likelihood of paying back a loan.A recent article in the New Scientist cites research conducted by Brown University economist Daniel Björkegren and the Entrepreneurial Finance Lab which involved combing through cellphone data of 3,000 borrowers from a Haitian bank to identify such trends as how often they pay their cellphone bills, how quickly they return important phone calls, and travel behavior based on location data.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More

Crazy iOS security flaw lets attackers crash any iPhone or iPad nearby
At the RSA Conference this week in San Francisco, researchers Yair Amit and Adi Sharabani disclosed a dangerous and scary new iOS hack which can cause targeted iPhones or iPads to enter a perpetual reboot loop, effectively rendering the devices all but useless.Amit and Sharabani, who both work for the mobile security firm Skycure, note that the security flaw exists in iOS 8 and can be triggered via manipulated SSL certificates sent to a device over a Wi-Fi network. What's more, a previous iOS bug disclosed by Skycure, dubbed WiFiGate, enables attackers to create their own Wi-Fi network and "force external devices to automatically connect to it." Taken together, attackers can effectively create what is referred to as a "No iOS Zone."To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Better Decision Making with IBM Social Business Solutions
This paper presents IBM's comprehensive portfolio of social business tools that take advantage of social context. It shows how these tools work together to connect to the right people faster. The case studies feature companies using IBM social business solutions for better decision making. Learn More

Teardown of Apple Watch shows sensor could measure blood oxygen levels
To reach the watch's inner components, iFixIt used a "destructive process" that would make it "impossible" for a person to repair the watch Read More

Here's what reply to Google Fi invite request looks like
Just in case you've been curious about Google's Project Fi wireless service but haven't wanted to get on yet another Google list, I've done the dirty work for you and asked for an invite for myself. Read More

Project Fi's winners and losers
Project Fi, Google's Wi-Fi and cellular network service, can be described as low-cost, disruptive, cutting edge, tantalizing, confusing, even awesome. Here's a look at those who could gain from the new service, and those who could lose. Read More

Google Fi: From disruptive to meh
This week's unveiling of Google's Project Fi, the search-messaging-phone-collaboration-broadband company's effort to shake up the wireless market in order to encourage people to use more of its services, has generated widespread reaction even though relatively few people will be eligible to use the service out of the gate. The general consensus seems to be that Google's latest experiment isn't revolutionary but still has the potential to mess with the biggest wireless service providers' status quo. Read More


Evolving Toward the Next Phase of Email
Osterman Research conducted a survey during March 2014 with 294 information workers to determine how they employ email, how they manage various information focused work processes, and the changes they would like to see in these processes. Read the research paper for key takeaways about social collaboration and email. Learn More>>

Enterprise software vendors ready Apple Watch apps
Microsoft and Good Technology are among the software vendors that have created business-focused apps for the smartwatch Read More

Salesforce for HR puts the focus on mobile and social capabilities
The CRM company's new HR offering is designed to help companies and employees connect Read More

iPhone 7, Apple Watch mashup: Brangelina of tech gadgets
An elegant new iPhone 7 design concept blends an advanced Apple smartphone with a key component of the new Apple Watch, resulting in something of a Brangelina of tech gadgets. Read More

21 tips for making Android a better personal assistant
Become an Android email, calendar, and contacts master with these 21 tips for getting the most out of your device Read More

Paying too much for cloud services? These five tools can help cut your cloud costs
As you move workloads to the cloud, you’ve probably already discovered that keeping track of your monthly cloud computing bills is not an easy task. Certainly, using a cloud provider can be cheaper than purchasing your own hardware, or instrumental in moving a capital expense into an operating one. And there are impressive multi-core hyperscale servers that are now available to anyone for a reasonable monthly fee.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story) Read More

New products of the week 04.27.2015
New products of the weekOur roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.CudaEye Local+Key features – CudaEye is a cloud-managed IP surveillance solution that offers many choices to fit the needs of customers. CudaEye delivers quality real-time and archived video directly to browsers and mobile devices. More info.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here Read More


Spaced out tech auction: 8 vintage space items go on the block

Incredible space memorabilia that will make you geek out!


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