Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Four Shorts from the World of Networking

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Four Shorts from the World of Networking

This week we feature four short pieces covering some of the essential aspects of computer networking and Internet technology. You can gain quite a bit of knowledge and useful skills in networking without a large time investment.

Bradley Mitchell
Wireless/Networking Expert
Debunking Myths About Computer Networks
There's no shortage of people offering advice to help teach others about computer networks. For some reason, though, certain facts about networking tend to be misunderstood, generating confusion and bad assumptions. This article describes some of these more commonly-held misconceptions. Read more... .
Introduction to Powerline Home Networking and HomePlug
Most home computer networks are built to support a mix of devices communicating over Wi-Fi wireless and/or wired EthernetPowerline home network technology represents an alternative way to connect these devices that offers some unique advantages. Read more... .
Introduction to Network File Sharing

Network file sharing is the process of copying files from one computer to another using a live network connection. This article describes the different methods and networking technologies available to help you share files. Read more... .

Introduction to Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an industry term for managed data storage through hosted network (typically Internet-based) service. Several types of cloud storage systems have been developed supporting both personal and business uses. Read more... .

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