Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Career Pitfalls. NFC. Mobile Devices. BYOD.

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Career Pitfalls. NFC. Mobile Devices. BYOD.

A high school student in Georgia allegedly set a fire in the computer lab last week because they couldn't hack into their school's network. The goal, apparently, wasn't to show off hacking skills or even steal any personal data.

Bradley Mitchell
Wireless/Networking Expert
Career Pitfalls in Networking and Information Technology

Becoming a computer networking professional requires a significant investment of time and energy. The field is complex with a mix of technical and business challenges to face. A person should expect to encounter at least a few hurdles on their career journey. In addition to gaining your own hands-on experience, spending time to learn from the experience of others can help avoid typical career pitfalls in networking and IT. Read more... .

Introduction to Near Field Communication (NFC)
NFC technology might one day become the standard for purchasing items in stores using mobile devices. It can also be used to share certain kinds of digital information with these devices for informational or social purposes. Read more... .
Introduction to Mobile Device Networking
Networks traditionally consisted of stationary devices like PCs and printers that were installed in fixed locations and not easily transported from one place to another. In recent years, the world has experienced a tremendous surge in mobile (portable and often moved) devices used on computer networks. Both the number and the types of these devices continue to multiply as new uses for these products emerge. Read more... .
About BYOD for IT Networks

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) emerged some years ago as a change in the way organizations provided access to their computer networks. Traditionally the IT department of a business or school would build closed networks that only the computers they owned could access. BYOD allows employees and students to also join their own computers, smartphones and tablets to these more open networks. Read more... .

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