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4 key features coming to Windows 9 (hopefully)

Microsoft's takedown of No-IP pushes innocents into the crossfire | Microsoft botched all aspects of Exchange outage response

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4 key features coming to Windows 9 (hopefully)
Don't get too comfy with Windows 8.1. Soon after Update 1 was released, announcements and rumors arose about what's coming in the next version of Windows ("Windows 9" for the lack of an official name.) The earliest we might see a beta is spring 2015, but here we speculate on the four most significant features it's likely to have. Read More


Dynamic Web Site Optimization: The Impact
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Deliver Better Service and Support, More Efficiently
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Microsoft's takedown of No-IP pushes innocents into the crossfire
On Monday, Microsoft said they were taking No-IP (noip.com) to task, "as the owner of infrastructure frequently exploited by cybercriminals to infect innocent victims with the Bladabindi (NJrat) and Jenxcus (NJw0rm) family of malware." The case is Microsoft's latest effort to slow the spread of malware online, but this time innocents are caught in the crossfire. In their move to block malicious traffic, Microsoft has also stopped legitimate traffic on a network used by millions of people. Read More

Microsoft botched all aspects of Exchange outage response
Microsoft blew it Tuesday when its Exchange Online hosted email service went dark for much of the business day, an expert said. But he wasn't referring to Exchange's technical failure. Read More

Senators question US surveillance transparency report
A recent report from the U.S. intelligence director that provides the number of surveillance targets in 2013 is not specific enough to provide the transparency the nation's residents need, two senators said Monday. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Alert Logic

Leader in Forrester Wave evaluation of emerging MSSPs
In this paper Forrester shares the results of their 15-criteria evaluation of the top ten emerging players in the MSSP market. Learn More

Microsoft to shutter security notification service
Microsoft on Friday said it would shut down its email notification service for security warnings next week, telling IT and security administrators that they should instead subscribe to RSS feeds from the firm. Read More

Microsoft accidentally reveals plans to bring folder support to Windows Phone 8.1
Microsoft is apparently bringing folder support to Windows Phone 8.1, at least according to a help document that briefly appeared on the company's Website. Read More

Avoid the gotchas of Office 365 migrations
Migrating to Microsoft's Office 365 from an on-premises Office suite requires help, experts say, in order to navigate the vagaries of moving apps smoothly to the cloud, a task made more challenging if the transition is from alternatives such as GroupWise and Lotus SmartSuite. Read More


10 Ways to Build a Better Big Data Security Strategy
his IT Manager's Journal will discuss 10 best practices you can employ in your journey down the path of securing Big Data and show how Big Data can be both a problem and a solution. Learn More>>

FBI warns businesses "Man-in-the-E-Mail" scam escalating
The FBI and Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) are warning businesses to be on the lookout for growing scam that tricks them into paying invoices from established that look legitimate but in fact are fraudulent. Read More

The Internet of Things at home: 14 smart products that could change your life
The Internet of Things may be coming to the office -- but it's already in the home. These 14 products let you monitor and control everything from the thermostat on your wall to the crockpot on the kitchen counter -- right from your smartphone. Read More

Microsoft's crusade against malware advances to Kuwait, Algeria
Microsoft has taken legal action to combat the spread of malware that the company says can be traced to bad actors in Kuwait and Algeria. Read More


10 disturbing attacks at Black Hat USA 2014

Attacking car systems, Google Glass for password theft, using free cloud trials to launch botnets, more.


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