Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Red Hat OpenShift delivers PaaS platform

Ubuntu vs. openSUSE: Weighing different styles of corporate control | VMware vSphere 5.5 bulks up with more muscle, high-availability

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How to introduce Linux to your little kid
With my daughter nearing 3 years old, the topic of "how best to introduce a young kid to computers" has been on my mind a great deal. And since my home (and work) computing life revolves around Linux, the ideal is to introduce her to the wide, wonderful world of Linux and Open Source. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Kaspersky

Your Data under Siege: Protection in the Age of BYODs
Download Kaspersky Lab's new whitepaper, Your Data under Siege: Protection in the Age of BYODs, to learn about: - How a mobile workforce stretches your secured perimeter - Why saying "no" is not an effective BYOD policy Learn More.

WHITE PAPER: HP and Intel® Xeon® processors

Why Storage Convergence? Why Now?
In this paper, Enterprise Strategy Group examines approaches to IT operational challenges and business requirements. Learn how HP Converged Storage's comprehensive approach represents a logical evolution development in storage, delivering ease, flexibility and cost-efficiency all in one. Learn More

Ubuntu vs. openSUSE: Weighing different styles of corporate control
Ubuntu and openSUSE approach their Linux distros in much different ways. Which do you prefer? Read More

VMware vSphere 5.5 bulks up with more muscle, high-availability
VMware's latest salvo in its virtualization war with Microsoft is vSphere 5.5, which features a host of improvements, the most interesting being high availability, support for Big Data/Hadoop and improved storage and backup. Read More

WEBCAST: Attachmate

Defining the New Mobile Enterprise
See how Attachmate Verastream provides robust access to enterprise applications – in any format, for any user, from any device. Learn More

Red Hat OpenShift delivers
Red Hat's OpenShift is a solid PaaS platform, according to our testing. Read More

How to stay one step ahead of phishing attacks
Protecting yourself against phishing attacks used to be relatively easy. Don't download unexpected attachments. Visit banking websites directly instead of clicking on links in an email. And look for bad grammar. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Limelight Networks

7 Principles to Improve Web Site Availability
Users hate to wait so when your web site doesn't respond the way visitors expect, your business suffers. This guide offers strategies for scaling your web infrastructure to meet web availability and performance SLAs, enhancing both speed and performance (there is a difference), and delivering superior user experience on any device, in any location. Learn More

Why openSUSE, Arch, and elementary each need a mobile distro
My reasons may be selfish, but that doesn't mean more options for mobile Linux wouldn't be good for everybody. Read More

Don't click on this link
If you want to avoid getting phished, don't click on these links. Read More

How to build the ultimate imaginary Linux distro
If I were to sit down, right now, and build a brand-new Linux distro...what tools would I use? Read More


Don't click on these links

Whether you receive a phishing email inviting you to click on a specific link or whether you stumble upon it while Web surfing, here are 10 types of links you should never click on.


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2. Don't click on these links

3. BlackBerry open letter to customers is long on cliches

4. VMware vSphere 5.5 bulks up with more muscle, high-availability

5. Sneaky software turns your PC into a Bitcoin-mining zombie

6. Microsoft's new volume-licensing scheme could simplify buying, managing products

7. Cisco has this SDN thing covered

8. Google Cloud Compute goes live

9. How to stay one step ahead of phishing attacks

10. Rumored Microsoft CEO plan is a very bad idea

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