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IT pros share blame for 'shadow IT' problem, survey shows

Containers: The new Hypervisors | Google Compute Engine vs. Amazon Web Services cloud: The battle is on

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IT pros share blame for 'shadow IT' problem, survey shows
When end users circumvent the IT department and start using software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications without permission, the IT pros complain about the plague they call "shadow IT." But it would seem the professionals are also operating in the shadows, according to a survey out today. Read More


Putting Mobile Employees to Work
Mobile Employees in the workplace. Watch this webcast. Click Here>> Learn More>>

WHITE PAPER: Attachmate

Zero-Footprint Terminal Emulation for Mobile Devices
See how host access in the cloud can provide big benefits for users and IT alike. As the powerhouse working behind the scenes, Attachmate Verastream simplifies mobile enablement with a modern three-tier approach. Learn More

Containers: The new Hypervisors
Will containers do for PaaS what hypervisors did for IaaS? Read More

Google Compute Engine vs. Amazon Web Services cloud: The battle is on
With news this week that Google Compute Engine cloud is now generally available, the battle in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service market has hit a new level. The biggest question is: Can Google give the kingpin of the public IaaS market, Amazon Web Services (AWS), a run for its money? Read More

Riverbed's next great hope for redemption
The WAN optimization leader recently presented its platform for "location-independent computing." Read More


Five answers to top BYOD Challenges
Mobility has revolutionized how we do business. Managing mobility and BYOD means knowing how to navigate changing operating systems, changing platforms and changing hardware to reap benefits like improved productivity, agility, growth and better customer service. Here are five steps for choosing an MDM solution for today -- and tomorrow. Learn More

Ultrabook, laptop, hybrid or Chromebook? How to pick the best portable PC
Just a few years back, buying a laptop was as easy as walking into a Wal-Mart or Best Buy, strolling past the netbooks, plunking down a few hundred bucks on a Windows machine with a trackpad that didn't completely suck, and coming home, if not happy, at least with a notebook that could get the job done. Read More

Microsoft gives students free Office 365
Schools and universities that license Microsoft Office for their staff can now hand out Office 365 free to students, Microsoft said Monday. Read More

A Q&A with the Chair of the Open Networking Foundation's Migration Group
For an inside look at the goals, expectations and plans of the ONF's recently created Migration Group and how it hopes to help companies make the transition to SDN, Network World Editor in Chief John Dix caught up via e-mail with the chair of the group, Justin Joubine Dustzadeh, CTO & VP of Technology Strategy, Networks, Huawei. Read More

WEBCAST: IBM Corporation

Make your business smarter with cloud-based analytics
Learn how sales, finance, investment, risk, marketing, and procurement leaders are using SaaS-based business analytics to become more agile, serve the customer better, and deliver business results. Learn More.

Eight tips for more secure mobile shopping
Online shopping trends point to lots of people, particularly men, using their smartphones and tablets to buy holiday presents. Since some of that browsing and buying will occur at work, experts say companies would be wise to give employees the following eight tips to protect themselves and corporate data. Read More

Fibre Channel hits key landmark on the way to 32Gbps
Faster SANs are on the horizon as the next Fibre Channel specification, calling for 32G bps (bits per second), nears publication. Read More

China passes Japan to become world's 2nd largest IT market
China overtook Japan in IT spending this year to become the world's second largest IT market, according to market research firm IDC. Read More


Don't click on these links

Whether you receive a phishing email inviting you to click on a specific link or whether you stumble upon it while Web surfing, here are 10 types of links you should never click on.


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