Thursday, December 05, 2013

Ultrabook, laptop, hybrid or Chromebook? How to pick the best portable PC

Planned new USB connector will fit both ways | Consumers buy touch notebooks for design, not for Windows 8

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Ultrabook, laptop, hybrid or Chromebook? How to pick the best portable PC
Just a few years back, buying a laptop was as easy as walking into a Wal-Mart or Best Buy, strolling past the netbooks, plunking down a few hundred bucks on a Windows machine with a trackpad that didn't completely suck, and coming home, if not happy, at least with a notebook that could get the job done. Read More

WHITE PAPER: ExtraHop Networks

Free Appliance for Application Performance Monitoring
The ExtraHop Discovery Edition is a free virtual appliance will help you to discover the performance of your applications across the network, web, VDI, database, and storage tiers. Get yours today! Learn More>>

WHITE PAPER: Netscout Systems Inc.

Real-Time Application-Centric Operations Visibility
This paper examines the move towards application/service performance within IT operations, and in particular the network-based delivery of those services. In addition a look at the roles, responsibilities and objectives that network- and application-based service-oriented visibility can and should play. Learn More

Planned new USB connector will fit both ways
The next version of the USB connector will accept the plug either way up, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group said Tuesday. Read More

Consumers buy touch notebooks for design, not for Windows 8
Touch-ready notebook PCs will account for about 11% of all laptops shipped this year, an improvement over 2012 when customers had few choices if they wanted to smudge screens, a market research analyst said today. Read More

WEBCAST: BlackBerry

The Enterprise Security Capabilities of BlackBerry 10
The BlackBerry® platform has always maintained robust end-to-end security. In this webcast, find out how BlackBerry 10 guards against data leakage, prevents unauthorized access, secures corporate apps on personal devices and much more – with advanced policies tough enough for the most security-conscious organizations in the world. Learn More

First look: Google Compute Engine vs. Amazon Web Services
The cloud battle is on Read More

What did Apple do in 2013? We evaluate what Apple achieved and ask if it fulfilled the prophesy
As the year draws to a close, it's our chance to reflect on what happened in the year just closing. Looking back to what we wrote at this time last year is enlightening. Just how many of our predictions made it into reality? Read More

WHITE PAPER: Kaspersky

Your Data under Siege: Defeating the Enemy of Complexity
Even if you have adequate antivirus protection, are there still holes in your IT security armor? Is lack of bandwidth to manage the growing list of threats, endpoints, and security systems making your organization vulnerable? Learn more.

Google's Nexus lineup may not sell well, but still challenges Android makers
Google has been selling its Nexus series of smartphones and tablets for nearly four years. While the devices aren't big sellers, they are still challenging other Android makers. Read More

Fairphone to ship first batch of smartphones on Dec. 23
Despite production problems, Dutch company Fairphone is getting ready to ship the first batch of its green smartphones, which have been developed with as much conflict-free materials as possible. Read More

HP Slate tablets running Android Jellybean hit the market
Hewlett-Packard's latest Android tablets with multiple screen sizes are available through the company's website. Read More


Don't click on these links

Whether you receive a phishing email inviting you to click on a specific link or whether you stumble upon it while Web surfing, here are 10 types of links you should never click on.


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