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Microsoft: 'We don't provide governments with direct, unfettered access to your data'

Xbox One's potty-mouth crackdown suggests Microsoft snooping | 6 agencies under DHS rule still using Windows XP: IG finds DHS cybersecurity holes

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Microsoft: 'We don't provide governments with direct, unfettered access to your data'
Microsoft pushed back once again against the idea that it's giving the National Security Agency (NSA) carte blanche access to its cloud-based services, an allegation that's cropped up in media reports since the revelations from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden began last June. Read More


Transforming Your Organization with Mobility
This whitepaper intends to help organizations understand the critical elements of a mobilization solution, the value and inter-dependencies, and important enablement assessment questions. Learn More


Workforce Personas And The Mobile App Gap
Forrester Research has updated their workforce personas with the latest Forrsights workforce data to help you identify which apps your employees really need and highlight the differences between mobile professionals that need productivity apps and mobile practitioners that need process apps. Learn More

Xbox One's potty-mouth crackdown suggests Microsoft snooping
Despite promises from Microsoft that it would not eavesdrop on customers with the Kinect or Skype, gamers online are saying they have been banned from Xbox Live for using foul language, and not against other people, either. They were just cursing in frustration over something. Read More

6 agencies under DHS rule still using Windows XP: IG finds DHS cybersecurity holes
The Department of Homeland Security, which is ultimately the agency responsible for battening down the hatches on U.S. cybersecurity and critical infrastructure, cannot batten down its own cybersecurity hatches, as was illustrated by six of 22 agencies under the DHS umbrella that are still using Windows XP. Read More

Microsoft to encrypt services, notify customers of gov't data requests
Microsoft moved to reassure business and government customers worldwide that it is committed to informing them of legal orders related to their data, and will fight in court any 'gag order' that prevents it from sharing such information with customers. Read More


Managing Essential tools for greater productivity
People are interacting with software from the moment they wake up (hearing an alarm on a smartphone) to the time they relax in the evening (reading or shopping online). And in between, software affects virtually every work function in some way, whether in the executive suite or on the shipping dock. Read Now

Build this killer AMD-based Windows 8.1 PC for less than $1000
AMD lovers, we hear ya. After building a killer Intel-based Windows 8.1 PCA for $1000, we're starting with a cheaper, more powerful AMD CPU this time around. And we won't just walk you through the different steps in building a PC with AMD hardware--we'll also determine whether an Intel processor or an AMD processor can give you a more powerful PC for the same budget. Let's dive in! Read More

Why Microsoft SharePoint faces a challenging future
Many enterprises use and like SharePoint. Microsoft likes it, too, because it's one of the company's fastest-growing product lines. But making enterprises support separate cloud and on-premises versions and telling SharePoint app developers not to work in C# and ASP.NET may make for a rocky relationship as time goes by. Read More

Ultrabook, laptop, hybrid or Chromebook? How to pick the best portable PC
Just a few years back, buying a laptop was as easy as walking into a Wal-Mart or Best Buy, strolling past the netbooks, plunking down a few hundred bucks on a Windows machine with a trackpad that didn't completely suck, and coming home, if not happy, at least with a notebook that could get the job done. Read More


Powerful Application Solutions for CRM & ERP
This white paper examines how you can get the most from CRM and ERP, find the best system for your business and how IBM can help. Learn More.

Consumers buy touch notebooks for design, not for Windows 8
Touch-ready notebook PCs will account for about 11% of all laptops shipped this year, an improvement over 2012 when customers had few choices if they wanted to smudge screens, a market research analyst said today. Read More

Microsoft gives students free Office 365
Schools and universities that license Microsoft Office for their staff can now hand out Office 365 free to students, Microsoft said. Read More

Microsoft on 'Threshold' of Windows Phone growth
The Windows Phone operating system still ranks third behind Android and iOS, but it is slowly seeing growth in the U.S. and Europe, and its eventual convergence with the Windows OS could mean even greater momentum. Read More


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