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IT pros share blame for 'shadow IT' problem, survey shows

How to stay one step ahead of phishing attacks | The 21 most powerful enterprise networking companies

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IT pros share blame for 'shadow IT' problem, survey shows
When end users circumvent the IT department and start using software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications without permission, the IT pros complain about the plague they call "shadow IT." But it would seem the professionals are also operating in the shadows, according to a survey out today. Read More


Software Asset Management: Getting Started
Find out what steps to take that can lead your organization down the smooth path to SAM deployment. This SAM primer can help you and your organization mitigate software non-compliance issues and optimize software license management while containing costs. Read Now

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Maximizing Enterprise Resource Planning ROI
In this paper, we highlight the common reasons why midsize companies often do not realize significant ROI with their ERP system implementations and suggest solutions for getting the most value from their applications. Learn More.

How to stay one step ahead of phishing attacks
Protecting yourself against phishing attacks used to be relatively easy. Don't download unexpected attachments. Visit banking websites directly instead of clicking on links in an email. And look for bad grammar. Read More

The 21 most powerful enterprise networking companies
The biggest players on the network, presented for your consideration. Read More

Georgia Tech researcher flags flaw in open-source vets health system
An academic exercise by a security researcher blossomed into a live-fire infosec emergency last month, after a major vulnerability was found in a central U.S. government healthcare database system. Read More

Akamai acquiring anti-DDoS firm Prolexic for $370 million
Akamai Technologies today has agreed to acquire Prolexic Technologies, a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigation services company, for $370 million. Read More

How to use public Wi-Fi hotspots safely
Consider this: If you or an employee is using free Wi-Fi in some local café, in a matter of seconds a hacker can manipulate your machine into a "man-in-the-middle" scenario, where the device is now a conduit that sends data right to the bad guy. Once a device is compromised, login credentials (corporate mail server, bank accounts,,, etc.) can be harvested by using SSL Stripping. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Netscout Systems Inc.

Real-Time Application-Centric Operations Visibility
This paper examines the move towards application/service performance within IT operations, and in particular the network-based delivery of those services. In addition a look at the roles, responsibilities and objectives that network- and application-based service-oriented visibility can and should play. Learn More

Bitcoin's highest highs, lowest lows
A quick look at Bitcoin's up-and-down year Read More

A holistic approach to combating advanced persistent threats
Security researcher Michael Sutton is really concerned. He says most companies haven't advanced their security strategies to keep pace with today's threats—especially the most serious advanced persistent threats. He recommends a holistic approach that includes protection, detection and remediation. Read More

NSA collects data from millions of cellphones worldwide
The U.S. National Security Agency is collecting location data daily from tens of millions of cellphones around the world, the Washington Post reported Wednesday. Read More

Kaspersky, six others top malware removal tests
Analyst firm A-V Comparative has released its November 2013 list of the antimalware programs that do the best job of removing malware from an already infected system. Read More

SANS Technology Institute accredited for masters in security
The cybersecurity-focused SANS Technology Institute has received accreditation that will make it much easier for many students to receive tuition reimbursement from employers. Read More

WEBCAST: BlackBerry

The Enterprise Security Capabilities of BlackBerry 10
The BlackBerry® platform has always maintained robust end-to-end security. In this webcast, find out how BlackBerry 10 guards against data leakage, prevents unauthorized access, secures corporate apps on personal devices and much more – with advanced policies tough enough for the most security-conscious organizations in the world. Learn More

Story time: Researchers picture way better password memory scheme
Once upon a time some Carnegie Mellon University researchers came up with a scheme to use stories and pictures to help users live happily ever after by creating and remembering dozens of passwords – and avoiding use of the exact same passwords for multiple sites. Read More

Microsoft: 'We don't provide governments with direct, unfettered access to your data'
Microsoft today pushed back once again against the idea that it's giving the National Security Agency (NSA) carte blanche access to its cloud-based services, an allegation that's cropped up in media reports since the revelations from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden began last June. Read More

Worm may create an Internet of Harmful Things, says Symantec (Take note, Amazon)
Security researches are gradually raising warnings that the Internet of Things will increase, by multitudes, the number of things that can be hacked and attacked. The Hitchcockian plotlines are endless. Read More

Wisconsin man sentenced for participating in Anonymous DDoS
A man from Wisconsin was sentenced for participating in a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack by hacker group Anonymous on a Kansas company. Read More

18 Hot IT Certifications for 2014
For years premium pay for IT certifications has been on the decline, but top pay for IT certifications has increased for two consecutive quarters and is up 1.5 percent; the largest quarterly increase since 2006. Read along as we look at the IT certifications predicted to grow in early 2014. Read More


Don't click on these links

Whether you receive a phishing email inviting you to click on a specific link or whether you stumble upon it while Web surfing, here are 10 types of links you should never click on.


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