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iPhoneys: Latest, greatest iPhone 6 concepts

Video: Sneak peek at unmanned drone-based Amazon Prime Air delivery | Extreme starts anew after Enterasys buy

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iPhoneys: Latest, greatest iPhone 6 concepts
The newfangled iPhone 6 models envisioned by creative designers around the world probably won't find their way into products for the holidays this year, but at least you have the new iPhone 5S and 5C to satisfy you for now. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Mobiquity Inc.

Five Steps to Developing a Successful Mobile Strategy
Don't lose time and money with a "throw an app against a wall to see if sticks" approach to mobile. It won't work. You need a well-thought-out strategy to take full advantage of mobile. This white paper lays out the five important steps to a robust enterprise mobile strategy. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Netscout Systems Inc.

Good APM Practices Get Results
According to NetForecast's survey, enterprises with application performance management (APM) best practices benchmark scores above six on a ten-point scale experience 75% better results in critical areas. This research paper reveals the survey results as well as discusses the best practices for APM. Learn More.

Video: Sneak peek at unmanned drone-based Amazon Prime Air delivery
Amazon R&D busy working on technology for when regulations will allow it Read More

Extreme starts anew after Enterasys buy
Now that Extreme Networks has closed its acquisition of Enterasys, it's time to focus on the task at hand as a company twice its previous size. Read More

How to stay one step ahead of phishing attacks
Protecting yourself against phishing attacks used to be relatively easy. Don't download unexpected attachments. Visit banking websites directly instead of clicking on links in an email. And look for bad grammar. Read More

FCC's in-flight cellphone plan carries a lot of baggage
Anyone who dreads hearing one end of a loud phone call all the way from Anchorage to Miami, take heart: The plan to allow cellphones on planes could fail in more ways than an overbooked flight at a snowbound airport on Christmas Eve. Read More

WHITE PAPER: HP and Intel® Xeon® processors

Bridging the IT Gap
To overcome today's IT management gap, your organization needs a fresh approach to infrastructure management. There are three key requirements for this new approach to IT management. In this paper, you'll find that three key requirements create the foundation for a management environment that is poised to meet the challenges of a new era in IT. Learn More

Instagram, finally, debuts on Windows phones
Instagram is now available for Windows phones, some three years after the photo-sharing app's launch, the company announced Wednesday. Read More

Gift Guide 2013: Work gadgets
The merging world of personal technology and workplace technology is always a fascinating scene to observe, so a lot of devices here can be utilized at home, and vice versa (see our Digital Life article for home-related tech gift ideas). But for the most part, we're confident that your work life will improve with these gadgets - peruse the writeups for gift ideas for your favorite colleague! Read More

Gift Guide 2013: POWER Gadgets
In general giving someone the gift of a device that can recharge the battery on their smartphone or tablet might not be on the top of your list. After all, people are generally more excited opening the box on their new phone, tablet or music player than a small black box with power prongs attached to it. Read More

Gift Guide 2013: Audio gadgets
Music drives a lot of what we get out of our technology devices - if you can't hear the music from your device, or share it with others, it's just a bunch of ones and zeros sitting on a magnetic hard drive. Read More

WHITE PAPER: HP and Intel® Xeon® processors

HP technologies for Cloud-ready IT
In this paper, Evaluator Group highlights the critical features necessary to move beyond server virtualization by leveraging key integration capabilities between IT components with a particular focus on the important role that storage plays in the evolution of data center architecture. Learn More

Gift Guide 2013: Outdoor gear or travel gear
While many of these gift ideas would make for a better fit in our summer gadget gift guide, these outdoor gadgets could still be used in parts of the country (or world) where the chilling cold of winter hasn't struck yet. In addition, cases and things that protect your devices never go out of style, whether indoors or outdoors. Here are our favorite devices that sort of fit this category of outdoor gear or on-the-road gadgets: Read More

Gift Guide 2013: Health and fitness gadgets
There's no time like the present to start thinking about ways to make you feel better or get healthier. The gadgets and gift ideas presented here focus on exercise-related gadgets and two ways on getting a better night's sleep, which has been shown as one of the best ways to get healthier. Use these in-between your long bouts of videogame playing or video watching on the couch! Read More

Gift Guide 2013: Photo and video gadgets
Like the world of smartphones and tablets, where there are so many choices and options that trying to highlight them all is an experiment in confusion, the world of digital cameras and video cameras presents a multitude of devices. For this wrapup, then, we're presenting a bunch of materials that the photographer and/or videographer would like to include in their arsenals, with a focus on things that let people watch videos or produce photos easier. Read More

IT Learns to COPE With Mobile Devices
More than 60 percent of employees say it is OK to transfer work documents to personal devices or online file-sharing apps. Given that statistic, it's no surprise that companies want to rein in BYOD. However, there may be alternative: A move to company-owned-personally-enabled devices promises to give employers greater control of mobile devices without trampling on privacy. Read More


20-plus eye-popping Black Friday tablet, computer & tech deals

Apple iPads, latest Android and Windows machines all in for big discounts. Oh, and free snow globes.


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