Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Cisco has this SDN thing covered

Microsoft's new volume-licensing scheme could simplify buying, managing products | What to look for in an SDN controller

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Cisco has this SDN thing covered
Who says SDNs threaten Cisco? It may be another market transition that Cisco embraces as an opportunity and growth engine. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Ipanema Technologies

Don't Let App Performance Problems Drag You Down
Did you know: 73% of enterprises lose productivity due to poor application performance? And that's just the beginning of the issues resulting from poor application performance. Check out this exclusive IDG-Ipanema survey to learn about the far-reaching impacts of poor application performance, and what you can do about it. Learn More.

WEBCAST: IBM Corporation

Make your business smarter with cloud-based analytics
Learn how sales, finance, investment, risk, marketing, and procurement leaders are using SaaS-based business analytics to become more agile, serve the customer better, and deliver business results. Learn More.

Microsoft's new volume-licensing scheme could simplify buying, managing products
Midsize companies should get ready this month as Microsoft introduces a new purchasing scheme that changes the way it deals with its volume licensing customers. Read More

What to look for in an SDN controller
One of the key challenges confronting potential users of software-defined networking is discerning the specific value of particular SDN controllers. Controllers, after all, play critical role as the key arbiter between network applications and network infrastructure. Read More


Putting Mobile Employees to Work
Mobile Employees in the workplace. Watch this webcast. Click Here>> Learn More>>

Planning for SDN
Software-defined networking (SDN) is the hottest thing going today, but there is considerable confusion surrounding everything from the definition of the term to the different architectures and technologies suppliers are putting forward. Read More

Where we stand with SDN
One gauge of industry progress on the software-defined networking front is the momentum of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), the user-lead group that is spelling out the core SDN standards and championing the cause. Read More


People Data Management: Premise and Promise
The consumer web has given rise to a new normal. Always-on communications has transformed people's expectations and reshaped how they interact with companies. People Data Management systems offer a new class of enterprise software that allows companies to confront the implications of the people web. Read now!

18 Hot IT Certifications for 2014
For years premium pay for IT certifications has been on the decline, but top pay for IT certifications has increased for two consecutive quarters and is up 1.5 percent; the largest quarterly increase since 2006. Read along as we look at the IT certifications predicted to grow in early 2014. Read More

VMware vSphere 5.5 bulks up with more muscle, high-availability
VMware's latest salvo in its virtualization war with Microsoft is vSphere 5.5, which features a host of improvements, the most interesting being high availability, support for Big Data/Hadoop and improved storage and backup. Read More

Windows XP Migration Window Is Closing Fast
The end is near for Windows XP. Microsoft will cease supporting the venerable--and still highly popular--operating system on April 8, 2014. Read More

Extreme starts anew after Enterasys buy
Now that Extreme Networks has closed its acquisition of Enterasys, it's time to focus on the task at hand as a company twice its previous size. Read More


Don't click on these links

Whether you receive a phishing email inviting you to click on a specific link or whether you stumble upon it while Web surfing, here are 10 types of links you should never click on.


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