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About Computer Networking: The 2013 Wireless Turkey Awards

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From Bradley Mitchell, your Guide to Computer Networking

Our colleagues at FierceWireless have established an annual tradition of observing Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. by publishing a list of their favorite "turkey" technologies and trends in wireless. See who won this year: 2013 Wireless Turkey Awards Announced

Introduction to Wireless Internet Services

Homes, schools and businesses connect to the Internet today using a variety of different methods. Wireless Internet service provides online access to customers without the need for underground copper, fiber, or other forms of commercial network cabling.

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Introduction to Network File Sharing in Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows supports many different methods for sharing files on a computer network, each designed for specific purposes. How many of these do you know how to use?

How to Set Up a Home Network Router

The exact names of configuration settings on a network router vary depending on the model and whether it is wired or wireless. However, this general procedure will guide you through the process for the common kinds of home network equipment.

Introduction to Computer Network Security

 Network security might sound uninteresting... until your equipment or data gets stolen. No one foolproof security system for computer networks exists, but here are the basic risks to guard against.

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